The Lee’s Summit Cubs is a competitive baseball team in Lee’s Summit, Missouri.

Because the costs of playing competitive baseball are significant, and because we would like to provide our kids with as many opportunities as possible, we are seeking sponsors for the 2015-16 season. As part of our 2015-16 sponsorship program, team Sponsors will be able to highlight their company, group, or organization in different ways.

Sponsorship Plan

For the 2015-16 season, our sponsorship plan includes offering our sponsors with promotional opportunities, such as a sponsor “thank you” banner that hangs from our dugout during each game. The banner highlights the names, logos, and contact information of our sponsors. We also provide sponsors with links from our website to each of our sponsor’s websites. We also have parents that are active on social media, especially Facebook, and will provide sponsors with periodic “recommendations” to their friends, family, and other connections. We think these word of mouth recommendations will prove to be valuable marketing opportunities for our sponsors.

In addition to these opportunities, we also have a structured program for sponsors to receive other benefits, depending on the amount of their annual sponsorship contribution. These include opportunities for sponsors to have their logo on equipment, clothing, and other items used by the team at practice and in games. These include, but are not limited to, seat cushions for parents with a sponsor’s name and logo, custom bat bags for each player with a sponsor’s name and logo, practice t-shirts for players, and alternate uniforms.

Team Philosophy

The Lee’s Summit Cubs are focused on providing the kids on our team with a fun environment to play competitive baseball and develop skills that will serve them now and later in life. We are focused on building a team on which the kids continue to develop their baseball and leadership skills and on which they will build long lasting relationships. While winning is always a goal, we realize that the players on the team are 10-year old kids and need to have fun. We also realize that it is important for kids to have opportunities to learn to play as many positions as possible and strive to provide those opportunities.

Unlike many competitive baseball teams, the coaches on the Lee’s Summit Cubs Baseball Team are volunteers. Other than a small discount on their son’s dues, the coaches do not receive any compensation for the hundreds of hours they spend working with the kids on the team.

More About the Lee’s Summit Cubs

For the 2015-16 season, the Cubs will have two teams playing competitive baseball. One team plays in the 8U age division and the other plays in the 11U age division.

Both teams are playing in the 2015 Lee’s Summit Baseball Association (LSBA) fall season. Both teams will also play in a variety of tournaments in the spring of 2016. These tournaments will be in the Kansas City metro area, as well as one or two tournaments outside the area. For sponsors, this is a great opportunity to highlight your business in multiple venues.

Both teams will also play in the World Series of America tournament in the summer of 2016, which is held at Legacy Park, in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. Historically, more than 100 teams compete in this tournament each year;

Future Plans

From day one, our goal has been to build a team of kids that stays together for multiple years. We feel that this will allow the kids to develop and improve as a team, rather than a group of individual players with individual goals.

In the future, we plan to continue to participate in league play, as well as in 10-15 tournaments each year. However, doing so is very expensive, which is why we need help from sponsors.

In addition, in the summer of 2017, the Lee’s Summit Cubs are planning to participate in one of the Cooperstown Dreams Youth Baseball Tournaments, which are weekly tournaments played in Cooperstown, New York (home of the National Baseball Hall of Fame). This will be a great opportunity for the kids on the team to represent the city of Lee’s Summit on a national stage and for the kids (and their parents) to share a memory that will last a lifetime. As you can imagine, providing our kids with this opportunity comes at great expense, which is, again, why we are looking for sponsors. In addition to our general team sponsors, as discussed below, we are also looking for sponsors who are interested in providing the team a specific sponsorship contribution to go toward our Cooperstown Fund. This can be independent of, or in addition to, general team sponsorship.

Sponsor Levels

For the 2015-16 season, the Lee’s Summit Cubs will have four different sponsorship levels: Base, Select, Premier, and Platinum. Each sponsorship level provides the sponsor with certain promotional opportunities. Which level a sponsor falls into is based upon the sponsor’s contribution amount. The promotional opportunities for each level of contribution are illustrated in the table below:

Sponsorship Level Amount of Contribution Promotional Opportunity(ies)
Base $250.00 Sponsor Name/Logo on Dugout Banner
Select $500.00 Base Level Opportunities plus Sponsor Contact Information on Team Banner and Link to Sponsor Website on Cubs team website
Premier $750.00 Select Level Opportunities plus Sponsor Name and Logo on one equipment item*
Pinnacle $1,500.00 Premier Level Opportunities plus Sponsor Name and Logo on one set of LS Cubs Team Jerseys

* This would be one equipment item for each player on the team (or each parent). For example, an equipment item could be a bat bag for each player on the team or a bleacher seat for a parent of each player on the team. The team would use a portion of the sponsorship money to purchase the equipment item and, if the sponsor provides their logo to the team, to affix the sponsor’s logo on each of the items. The team will ultimately select the equipment item; however, if there is a specific equipment item you would like to sponsor, please contact Jason Kueser to discuss. Please understand that some equipment items may require a sponsorship contribution in excess of the Premier Level amount.

Contact Information

If you are interested in sponsoring the Lee’s Summit Cubs, or if you have a different promotional item you would be interested in using for a promotional opportunity, please contact Jason Kueser at 816.374.5865 or by e-mail at Also, please feel free to complete and return the SPONSORSHIP COMMITMENT FORM, which is included in the 2015-16 Lee’s Summit Cubs Sponsorship Program Flyer.

On behalf of the Lee’s Summit Cubs Baseball Team players, parents, and coaches, THANK YOU for your interest in supporting youth baseball.

Lee’s Summit Cubs Sponsorship Documents

2015-16 Lee’s Summit Cubs Sponsorship Program Flyer